I will be joining Google Brain at Mountain View as an AI Resident. Previously, I graduated from IIT Kanpur, with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and minors in Machine Learning and Linguistic Theory. I am broadly interested in Machine Learning, particularly Deep/Reinforcement Learning and Probabilistic Machine Learning. At IIT Kanpur, I have primarily worked with Dr. Piyush Rai. As an intern in Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA), I worked with Dr. Yoshua Bengio. Before that, I have worked with Dr. Srinivas Shakkottai at Texas A&M University.

I hail from the holy city of Amritsar, Punjab. Just like many other math oriented students in India, I decided to give JEE in 2014. I did decently well, securing AIR 376 after two years of toil, which landed me in Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur.

I maintain a secondary interest in Competitive Programming. I qualified for ACM ICPC India Regionals 2016 in Amritapuri and Chennai, securing 63 rank in the online qualification round.

I fiddle with the guitar from time to time, which is a part of a general interest in music. I am always free to have a conversation or take/give recommendations for progressive and metal music. I was also, sometime in 21st century, fairly regular with Lawn Tennis.

For more details pertaining to my academics and projects, please refer to my CV.